Annotated Bibliography on Participatory Forest Management with Special Reference to Karnataka and South Asia

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The bibliography was prepared for the guidance of participants in the Western Ghats Forestry Project which is being implemented by Karnataka forest department in India. It is intended to serve as an initial guide to some of the literature on social, economic, political and institutional aspects of participatory forest management. The material is organised in different sections: theoretical works and global comparisons; history; legal and policy issues; institutional change; research, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation; Karnataka; South Asian case studies; social forestry; gender issues and Western Ghats Forestry Project documents. The review covers a wide selection of forestry literature, although most are not concerned with participatory approaches or PRA.

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May be of some interest to researchers and practitioners working in forestry in Asia.
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Department of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh
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Department of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh

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