Appraising Appraisal: towards Improved Dialogue in Rural Planning

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It argues that even the most elaborate social surveys in the development field are one-sided, in that they answer their sponsors' questions, and not those of the people surveyed. Rapid Rural Appraisal has no methodological sophistication in which to cloak this one-sidedness. This is no disadvantage, however, for not only does RRA focus attention on an important problem, it also provides the means to solve it. Several 'quick and dirty' surveys are possible for the price of, and in the time taken by, one 'long and clean' survey. The opportunity is thus opened up for a more interactive style of applied social research, incorporating a diversity of political feedback at the earliest possible stage in the development planning process.

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Researchers, economists, fieldworkers, agriculturalists, anthropologists, as well as those working at the community and project level.
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IDS Bulletin 12(4)
pp. 8-11
Rapid Rural Appraisal: social structure and rural economy
Institute of Development Studies
Brighton, UK
R. Longhurst
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Institute of Development Studies

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