Basis of PRA : rhetoric and reality

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This is a workshop report in Hindi, which discusses the use of PRA methods with Dalits and women in India, focusing on three major themes. The first is the need to involve the people who are the 'target' of PRA approaches. Despite the emphasis on 'bottom-up' approaches, this has not been the reality, hence the call to revise and refocus on people. Secondly, PRA practitioners are urged to re-examine their roles and change themselves as part of returning to the roots of PRA. They need to become more helpers and facilitators and less teachers and leaders of PRA projects. Finally, literature on PRA should be in a range of local languages to be more accessible

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Report of South-south workshop, Bangalore, 1-10 July 1996
150 p.
ActionAid, India
ActionAid India, 3, Rest House Road, Bangalore-560 001, India
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ActionAid India

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