A Brief Summary of the Findings and Recommendations from the Evaluation of Support to the Governments Inpres Desa Tertinggal Poverty Alleviation Programme

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This paper describes a project which adopted PRA to (i) help villagers understand the objectives of a poverty alleviation programme (IDT) and to prepare feasible action plans for the utilisation of IDT funds, and (ii) to produce base-line data to be of use to programme planners and designers. This report first summarises the main findings relating to organisation of the project. The PRA project training is critically examined, discussing selection of appropriate candidates duration of training and levels of understanding imparted. The project was also successful in imparting understanding of the IDT to prospective fund recipient groups. It is noted that facilitators were reluctant to involve women in some activities, and reasons are discussed. Collection of baseline data and data in case studies are discussed. The third section summarises recommendations. The project has led the way in developing an appropriate methodology for the implementation of IDT support projects, and it is recommended to utilise PRA methodology, but change the implementing mechanisms. A need for follow-up activities for the present support project is noted, as well as follow up for the use of data: "data is only effective where it is used."

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This paper may be of interest to those involved in institutionalising PRA methodology in development programmes.
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