Community Organisation for Watershed Development

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The first of the two main sections to this report is a resume of the training programme and schedule. The main second section consists of a series of eight papers and annexes which are aimed at providing background theory to the subject of community development. The themes they cover are: peoples participation in rural development; community organisation - concepts and principles; women and rural development; community, change agents and their organisational strategies; formation, constitution and functioning of Mathar Sangams; initiating community action for development; panchayati Rai System; and participatory watershed management. This last focuses on a specific programme which used PRA to discuss issues relating to canals and identify a management committee who could take the process further.

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Those interested in participatory development, predominantly but not exclusively, those working in the field.
Gandhigram Rural Institute
The PRA Unit, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram 624 302, Tamil Nadu, India
Tamil Nadu, India
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Gandhigram Rural Institute

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