Community planning handbook

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This handbook provides an overview of new methods of community planning within the context of the built environment. It is based on the recognition that local involvement in the planning and management of the environment is the best way to ensure safe, strong and sustainable communities and that this is applicable throughout the world. It is laid out in a straightforward, jargon-free format that reflects its aim of being of use to individuals and residents as well as policy makers and practitioners. After a general introduction there is an A-Z of general principles, followed by the biggest section, an A-Z of 53 Community Planning Methods that runs from Action Planning Event to Video Soapbox. A selection of scenarios follows, covering some common development situations and illustrating ways in which the different methods can be combined in an overall strategy. It ends with lists of useful formats and checklists, publications and contacts.

230 p.
Earthscan, London
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Earthscan Publications Ltd.

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