The community's toolbox: the idea, methods and tools for participatory assessment monitoring and evaluation in community forestry

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Outlines the ideas and concepts of PAME, its benefits and applicability to community forestry programmes, including discussions on the definition of community forestry. The second section is divided into participatory assesment, baselines, monitoring and evaluation, describing methods, purposes and benefits for each. The use of participatory, predominantly visual, techniques, their efficiency and openness to the community is discussed, along with presentation within the community through photos, diagrams, theatre, charts - presentation to groups, by groups. Finally the tools themselves are illustrated, recognising that within each situation, there will be different applications. Twenty-three tools are described, with mention of their purpose, benefits, uses and the precautions that must be taken in their use.

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Of interest to those starting to develop monitoring and evaluation systems interested in the use of RRA techniques at community level
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Community forestry field manual, no. 2
146 p.
FAO, Rome
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