Comparison of RRA and itensive residential study: the case of Marit, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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This represents an attempt to compare the results of an RRA assessment with those generated by a less rapid approach. It crosschecks the results of RRA, assesses the extent to which RRA was fulfilled, and as a result considers the implications for RRA methodology. The activities of the study are centred around the Barakin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria. Ten issues are discussed in which RRA did not fully illustrate the extent of problems, among these are soil fertility, organizational structures, agricultural development and income. In concluding, the paper emphasizes the need for greater representation of the views of women; the requirement of good relationships so as to access critical information, especially in RRA; and the specific attention that needs to be given to cultural differences present both in terms of the researchers and the appraised.

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Of interest to agriculturalists, economists, researchers, practitioners and fieldworkers, working at the national, regional and district level.
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RRA Notes
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