Development of PRA in Francophone Africa: lessons from the Sahel

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Since 1989 the experience with PRA in Francophone West Africa has grown enormously. There is now a French language newsletter on PRA and networks have been established in Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal. These networks focus much of their efforts on PRA training with the aim of: strengthening the capacity of relevant institutions to use participatory approaches in their work; maintaining standards in the use of PRA methods; and identifying obstacles to PRA development in the region. The article analyses the problems encountered in trying to achieve these aims and suggests some possible ways forward.

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Will be of interest to those involved in training and establishing PRA networks, as well as to those using PRA in Francophone Africa
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PLA notes
No. 24
IIED, 3 Endsleigh St, London WC1H 0DD, UK
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International Institute for Environment and Development