A facilitatorÆs guide for needs assessment on access to HIV/AIDS related treatment: a resource to support the development of a practical toolkit for NGOs, CBOs and PLHA groups.

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This facilitatorsÆ guide has been developed to be used during the initial stages of a collaborative toolkit project between the International HIV/Aids Alliance, WHO and UNAIDS. The toolkit project has been facilitated by a consultant through literature reviews and participation of a large international reference group in the project. The next step of the project is to carry out needs assessments with NGOs, CBOs (community based organisations) and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA). This guide is a draft ôworking documentö and not, therefore an official document of WHO and UNAIDS. The guide has been designed to be a practical resource to be used, tested and further developed during the needs assessment process for the toolkit project. Section 1 of the guide outlines the scope of the needs assessment covering processes of choosing treatment, experiences of obtaining and using treatments, encountered barriers and hopes for changes. Section 2 outlines the specific topics and possible questions which the authors hope to investigate with five groups potential participants in the needs assessment (PLHA, family or community carers providing help, NGOs providing treatment, medical professionals providing treatment, purchasers of treatment). The questions cover general attitudes and understanding, knowledge of affordable/desirable treatments, ensuring effective treatment, benefits and difficulties of providing and using treatment, and suggestions on potential toolkit contents. Section 3 contains information and data collection tools for the assessment including a project information sheet, participant data sheet and tables relating to treatment usage and availability. Section 4 provides focus group questionnaire formats for carrying out the assessment with the five groups.

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