Farmer participatory research in the IPM extensions and women project

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This reports on the activities of an Integrated Pest Management scheme and particularly its Extension and Women Project in the Philippines. The project highlights the role of women farmers and assists them in performing their role with appropriate technology, if one exists, and if not, develops one with their participation. The programme comprises a multi-disciplinary group of researchers consisting entirely of women. The participatory research approach is concluded to lessen the lead time for introducing the technology to its subsequent learning and adoption. It makes the client feel involved in the process and also gives her the option to decide whether it will benefit her or not. The paper accepts the inherent limitations of the approach and the need for fine-tuning the methodology proposed.

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Those concerned with gender relations, agriculturalists, fieldworkers and researchers, as well as those working at the project and the community level.
pp. 27-28
Participatory Technology Development in Sustainable Agriculture: an Introduction, a Compilation of ILEIA Articles, Selected Bibliography
Information Centre for Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture
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Information Centre for Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture

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