Farmer Participatory Research in North Omo, Ethiopia: report of a training course held in Rapid Rural Appraisal.

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This report from a 12 day Farm Africa training exercise concentrates on two field based case studies of farmer participatory research, which identify major farmer constraints and opportunities for research. Background to the training structure and PRA methodologies is given only in the appendices. Work in the two field sites was assisted by NGOs currently active in those areas. For each case study, a brief description of the sequence and objective of tools used is given, with numerous diagrams and details of findings. There were large quantities of information generated about each location, both in terms of social aspects and land use, as well as perceptions on agricultural issues. Numerous rankings were conducted, which dealt with all aspects of crops and fodder. Several constraints were identified, along with options for farmer participatory research and experimentation.

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Trainers, those involved in farmers research and practitioners at all levels
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International Institute for Environment and Development