Finding the Cause of Child Malnutrition: a Community Handbook

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This community handbook is designed to help health workers address three questions: i) How do you measure community malnutrition? ii) What are the food problems in your community? iii) Which problems should you attack? A series of appendices describe various practical ways of measuring child development. Health workers are encouraged to analyse and act upon the various socio-economic causes of ill health. An extensive list of further information sources is provided, with little emphasis on methodology.

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This handbook is intended for community health workers who have six or more years of education in English. Illustrations are provided from Zaire.
87 p.
Task Force on World Hunger
Bureau of Study and Research for the Promotion of Health, PO Box 1977 Kangu Mayombe, Republic of Zaire
Atlanta, Georgia
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Task Force on World Hunger

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