Fodder Preference Ranking by Farmers of Kistagiri Village, District Mehboob Nagar, Andhra Pradesh.

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This is a write up of a situational analysis using participatory rural appraisal methods, carried out in Kistagiri village, Andhra Pradesh, India. The objective of the analysis was to gain an understanding of the decision-making process of farmers in the matter of fodder selection for large cattle. It consisted of three stages: (1) farmers were asked to indicate the fodder they used; (2) fodder was presented in pairs, and farmers asked to select the better; and (3) a list drawn-up of various fodder characteristics and qualities, which were then matched against the various fodder under analysis. Finally, conclusions are drawn from the process.

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Agriculturalists, researchers and fieldworkers, working at the community and project level.
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ActionAid (India Desk), UK
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ActionAid (India Desk), UK