Fostering Rights Awareness Through Community Publishing

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The Community Publishing Program began in 1986 in Zimbabwe with the aim of building up the "confidence, creativity, practical and analystical skills of development workers and local leaders through books and workshops." Books are produced "collectively and democratically" through a team travelling around Zimbabwe, listening to what people want in a book. Five main principles guiding community publishing are listed and examples given of books that were produced using these participatory methods. The article ends with "Lessons from the Experience", giving more detail of the methods used to encourage people to participate and view books as a "process not a product".

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This article describes a participatory approach to producing books, which could be applied by trainers of trainers, trainers and fieldworkers when producing materials, reports or literacy primers.
pp. 313 - 331
Legal Literacy : A Tool for Women's Empowerment
OEF International
New York
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OEF International