Get global! a skills-based approach to active global citizenship.

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This teachers' guide (118 pages including worksheets and assessment sheets) comes with an 18-minute-long video showing how the pack was used in some of the 30 schools involved in developing it. It is a joint project from 5 leading development agencies in the U.K.: ActionAid, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Oxfam and Save the Children. It is co-funded by the Department for International Development (DfID). It focuses on how to facilitate and assess active global citizenship in the classroom. It provides a structure for students to manage their own learning and allows them to move from thinking about issues that are important to them, to planning and participating in action, and reflecting on their on performance and assessing their work. A range of innovative and participatory activities are included to promote a skills-based approach rather than a content-based approach, so they can be used within different subject areas and with all ages. The aim of the guide is to provide an experience of being able to make a difference through action; to develop skills of enquiry, participation and reflection; and to develop an understanding of the world as a global community, and to discuss the political, economic, environmental and social implications of this. The methodology is based on PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) with visualization techniques, practical exercises and games.

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Teacher's guide including worksheets, and video; for Key stages three and four
118 p.
ActionAid and others
18 mins
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ActionAid and others