Guidelines for Rapid Assessment of Minor Irrigation Systems in Sri Lanka

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This paper sets out a series of guidelines with the aim of developing a "model" rapid assessment procedure for the impact of minor system rehabilitation. The content and recommendations leading to the guidelines arose from a one day workshop at IIMI. The methodology is essentially participatory in nature, giving a key role to the view of farmers in its assessment. The questionnaire and the rapid assessment procedure provide a means whereby a post project condition of the scheme can be assessed. The process can subsequently enable periodic monitoring to be carried out with modifications to scheme conditions. The paper documents field reaction to the methodology, having been carried out in two minor schemes in Sri Lanka. The response of field workers to the layout and design of the guidelines was relatively positive with suggestions for fine tuning for particular scheme situations.

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Will be of interest to those irrigation practitioners and researchers interested in developing the use of RAP in irrigation management at a community level.
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IIMI working paper, no. 14
36 p.
International Irrigation Management Institute
Colombo, Sri Lanka
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International Irrigation Management Institute

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