Guidelines for Training in Rapid Appraisal for Agroforestry Research and Extension

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This guide is for training research and extension personnel in rapid appraisal for development of agroforestry in peasant land use systems. The introduction outlines the training course and the key principles underlying the methods used: learning by interaction with farmers, experiential learning, interdisciplinarity and an understanding of the conflicts over access to productive resources. The remaining chapters follow a course outline, including briefings and background talks on agroforestry, activities involving secondary information review and analysis of social and environmental change. Section 3 presents workshops on RRA methods researching with farmers, including interviews, resource classification, soil characterisation vegetation surveys, land use mapping, and erosion hazard mapping. Sections 4 and 5 discusses agroforestry interventions, how to appraise, plan, and consult with farmers. The guide is illustrated throughout with material from Zimbabwe, and is presented in a systematic and accessible manner.

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This guide will be of interest to trainers and fieldworkers involved in agroforestry and land use in Africa.
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Commonwealth Secretariat

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