A handbook on participatory approach to training : Volume 2 : gender in development

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This handbook is based on the experiences of the CUSO-CCPD Training Programme for NGOs in Northern Ghana. However, examples are used to bring out the underlying principles which shaped the training process and generated participants' experiences. The emphasis of the book is strongly towards participatory approaches to development and training. Chapters 1 and 2 present the theoretical framework of the handbook - participatory training and the designing process of a participatory training programme. Subsequent chapters cover the basic concepts on gender in development, how gender analysis may be done, and the preparation of gender-oriented extensions programmes. The handbook is very clearly written and organised, making the concepts extremely accessible.

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This handbook would be of use to development workers or community leaders involved with rural communities in a variety of fields, particularly those in projects with components directed explicitly at women. It may also be of interest to trainers, and organisers of training activities relating to women in development.
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