HIDA/ MYRADA agroforestry program in Andhra Pradesh

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Outreach was brought in to facilitate a "participatory self evaluation" of a HIDA/MYRADA agroforestry programme: the process of the workshop is detailed here. A SWOT analysis was carried out, looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the programme in small groups. On the second day, the key questions identified were discussed: levels of participation in the programme and peoples' priorities; institutional issues; technology; training. From these, it was felt that the programme did have a different approach to other programmes, due to support, equity and training. An approach for future programme management was worked out, discussing problems, goals, conflicts and government roles. Several examples of exercises such as mapping are given, from the different groups within the agroforestry programme. The conclusion reached was that the programme has started to "make a difference", and that changes in attitudes and in practice have occurred. The evaluation also highlighted areas for further development.

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Of interest to those concerned with the methodology of evaluating projects, specifically but not exclusively in natural resources and agroforestry
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Outreach, India
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