How Do They Do It? Civil society monitoring self-effectiveness

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NGO-IDEAs is a cooperation of about 40 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from South Asia, East Africa and the Philippines, and 14 German NGOs working in the field of development cooperation.  Together they have been developing tools that are specifically relevant for civil society involved in community development in a wider sense. As a result they have produced the Impact Toolbox which is organised along the lines of the project cycle. 

The examples in this publication tell stories of how NGOs have applied elements of this tool box, with a view to giving people an idea of how the process works in practice.  Hence, rather than presenting the impact of NGO development work, they give a practical description of how the tools have been applied, and the difference they have made. They only report on parts of the practice relevant to this publication and also highlight errors and learnings.

VENRO and Impact Plus
Bonn, Germany