Human development report, Shinyanga Region, Tanzania: a synopsis.

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In collaboration with Shinyanga Regional government, UNDP is funding a pilot project on decentralised poverty eradication initiatives, as part of its programme support for Tanzania (1997 - 2002). This document reports on a participatory poverty assessment (PPA) carried out in eight villages in phase I of the project. The PPA went one stage further than earlier PPAs in sub-Sahara Africa in that it sought not only to enrich poverty profiles with local understanding but also to build in as a central component, action-oriented research and planning. An attempt was also made to make the PPA a locally owned activity and capacity building process. An overview of the process methodology is provided, a brief account of the findings and also a review of the impact to date of the whole Shinyanga Human Development Report process at village and government level.

23 p.
Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9RE, UK