Human rights and rights-based programming: basic training manual

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CARE InternationalÆs basic training manual on human rights and rights-based programming, consists of a FacilitatorsÆ Guidebook and ParticipantsÆ Workbook. The Manual is intended to be a vital resource for colleagues, both within and outside CARE, who are keen to understand the Rights-Based Approach (RBA) to relief and development assistance. It has been tested and refined with the help of a range of country, regional, and CARE headquarter colleagues. The FacilitatorsÆ Guidebook contains an overview on effective facilitation and practical suggestions to enable anyone, not necessarily with extensive facilitation experience or human rights expertise, to facilitate meaningful discussions on human rights and RBAs. The use of the FacilitatorsÆ Guidebook is dependent on the use of the ParticipantsÆ Workbook and as most of its instructions refers to, and the core information on the subject is to be found there. It is focused on the framework for the discussion and gives easy-access instructions and exercises for a workshop on the topic. The ParticipantÆs Workbook comprises a series of interactive exercises and background information concerning rights and rights-based programming.

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Folder containing 2 booklets subtitled: Facilitators' guide; Participants' workbook
35, 48 p.
CARE, 151 Ellis Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia 20202, USA
Atlanta, Ga.
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