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This information pack includes five documents on institutionalisation of participatory methods and approaches form the Association for Better Land Husbandry (ABLH) , Kenya. The first document reports on the learning process and results of a study and workshop process examining the application of an innovative approach to the scaling-up and institutionalisation of participatory approaches in Kenya, conducted 1996 in Butula Division, Busia District, and Ndia Division, Kirinyaga District. The report includes a background to the study and the objectives ABHL in the institutionalisation of participation; summaries of the main learning point in each Division; poster presentations from the two Divisions outlining the process of analysis and conclusions; and appendices presenting the primary data form each Division. The second document reports on the proceedings of a Workshop on institutionalisation of participatory methodologies held in Nairobi, Kenya 1997. The workshop brought together government departmental staff from the divisional level, farmers from the ABHL core target areas, and NGOs with the relevant experiences. The objectives of the workshop were to share and analyse experiences of attempts to institutionalise participatory methods; to develop recommendations which will assist the institutionalisation of participatory methods; to develop individual and institutional commitments for a way forward; and to create an environment which encourages open sharing of ideas. The other three documents included are briefing notes 5, 6 and 7 from ABHL, with interviews with three different institutions on their views and application of participatory methods in different organisations. No. 5 focuses on the case study of the Soil and Water Conservation Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture (Kenya); no. 6 looks at CARE- Kenya; and no. 7 on the Intermediate Technology development Group.

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