Jagalur: a Feasibility Report for an Anti-Poverty Project

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This long and detailed study describes how the mandal (administrative area) of Devikere in Jagalar, Karnataka State was selected as the appropriate site for an Action Aid anti-poverty project. A socio-economic survey was conducted by a multi-disciplinary team using mainly RRA techniques. The methodology employed appears to have much in common with farming systems research. A section of the report is devoted to health issues. This includes: nutrition and food availability; mother and child wellbeing, health practices and beliefs; the environment; housing; occupation and health services. The anthropological/ethnographic technique of using case studies of individuals adds a strong human dimension to the study. Separate sections are devoted to women, infrastructure and sanitation, and socio-economic conditions.

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This detailed study contains a wealth of information that will interest Indian researchers. The methodology employed for identifying an area on the basis of need (of which health is one factor) will be of general interest to NGOs and researchers in countries of the South.
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S V Joseph: Action Aid, India
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ActionAid India