The Kyeamba Valley: Developments in Landcare

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A report which was sent back to landholders in Kyeamba, NSW. It documents the findings of a days RRA work, a follow-on from a more extensive PRA excercise in 1991, examining perceptions of Landcare, its activities and its structure. It is found that landcare, which attempts to enable a community as opposed to individualistic approach to controlling envioronmental degredation, is reasonably well respected and attended in the area. However, many feel that erosion and other land constraints are 'someone else's problem'. There are questions over the misallocation of funds, the allocation of the co-ordinators time, and the degree to which they listen to many of the farmers, as well as the future of Landcare.

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Interesting to those in research and planning, at regional and district level
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Charles Stewart University
Charles Sturt University
Tony Dunn, Senior Lecturer in Extension, Charles Sturt University, Faculty of Science and Agriculture, PO Box 588, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2678, Australia.
Wagga Wagga
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Charles Sturt University

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