Literacy and Numeracy Training Manual: ActionAid Bhola

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This manual has been developed for facilitators working on ActionAid's pilot literacy programme on Bhola Island, Bangladesh. PRA activities are used to stimulate discussion and introduce opportunities for using literacy and numeracy skills. A socio-mathematical survey was conducted in the area to determine the kinds of mathematics that should be covered. Many activities are around ActionAid's savings and credit programme. The twenty-nine units use PRA methods such as social mapping, resource mapping, work calendars, well-being ranking, health matrices and chapati diagrams, to introduce the key words or numeracy point. Each unit covers questions for discussion, how to teach the key word and how to carry out the PRA activity. The appendices include illustrated examples of PRA activities, details of the facilitators' training programme, indicators for monitoring progress and ideas for post literacy.

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Trainers of facilitators, NGO fieldworkers and planners would find this manual useful for setting up and implementing a literacy programme based on PRA.
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David Archer, ActionAid
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