Management Turnover of a Pump Irrigation System in the Philippines

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This paper documents the Philippines' National Irrigation approaches in organizing farmers to undertake management in the operation and maintenance of irrigation systems. The experience of turnover in this country is particularly unique in that the approach involved employment of farmers, as opposed to professional community organizers, in organizing co-farmers into irrigator associations. The farmers employed were well trained, and positive results were achieved in the following areas: active irrigators' associations at field and distributary levels; reduced operation and maintenance costs; increased fee collection rates; greater equity in water distribution. This case highlights that organizing farmer activities in this way shorten the turnover process, make it less expensive and, most importantly, be effective.

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This paper could be used by governmental organisations, as well as others involved in irrigation management, considering working at the community level.
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IIMI country paper - Philippines
International Irrigation Management Institute
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International Irrigation Management Institute

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