A Manual on the Estate/Barangay-level Productivity Systems Assessment and Planning (PSAP) Methodology

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This clear manual covers a large number of research techniques and methods commonly used in PRA. They are grouped under three categories of information gathered: spatial, temporal and social/institutional information. For each tool/technique, the following steps are explained in detail: what information can be gathered with the technique, steps in carrying out the technique and the importance of the technique. Illustrations are given of examples for each tool and an analysis is made of the sample. Once the data are gathered, the manual covers aspects of verifying them, identifying problems and opportunities and using the data for planning. The examples given come from the application of the tools in the village of Igdagmay on Antique. While the manual does not focus on soil and water conservation, it is written for rural development work in general. This is a good reference book for those wishing to use any of the techniques covered.

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Quezon City
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