A Manual on Rapid Appraisal Methods for Coastal Communities

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The introduction to this book asserts that RRA has been used in coastal communitites, but "what has been lacking so far are attempts to use RRA systematically in looking at fishing communities, their way of life and livelihood, and the coastal ecosystems in which they live". This manual attempts to fill that gap. It is specifically intended as an introduction to RRA for people in departments of fisheries, local fisheries services and NGOs.

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The manual runs through a research exercise with a fishing community, discussing questions which vary from "how do we get people to visualise their reality?" to "how do we analyse the information rapidly". Specific RRA methods are not analysed in isolation, but discussed as appropriate to the question raised about the process of the research. For example, mapping is discussed in the section on "getting people to visualise their reality". Other methods that are discussed in this way are direct observation, secondary data reviews, semi-structured interviews, group interviews, diagrams, ranking, mapping, seasonal calendars, and participatory problem analysis.
Bay of Bengal Programme
Bay of Bengal Programme, India
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Bay of Bengal Programme

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