Maps are Territories, Science is an Atlas

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The author analyses maps both as a metaphor for knowledge and also as a major means of knowledge representation. The book is designed to exercise the skills of visualisation and visual analysis, which the author says are essential to any understanding of the basic theoretical issues of perception and cognition. The author considers maps as embodying shared examples of practice and believes that all maps have a "local, contingent and indexical character intimately tied to human purposes and action." While the book does not mention PRA or RRA in any context, it could serve as useful background reading before undertaking any mapping exercises or training.

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This book has particular relevance to anthropologists, since it discusses nature-culture divide in relation to maps. It may also be of use to teachers, trainers and trainers of trainers as background reading before undertaking any PRA or RRA mapping exercise.
Deakin University Press
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Deakin University Press

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