Masters of their own development? PRSPs and the prospects for the poor

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In this book World Vision takes a look at Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs). Starting from a position of supporting PRSPs and constructively engaging with the process, World Vision undertakes an analysis of their own experience and uncovers the frustrations that have been felt by many of those involved. The following is covered in the six chapters of the book:
" Making PRSPs Work: Can Rhetoric and Reality Coincide?
" All For Naught? An Analysis of Senegal's PRSP Process
" Working Towards an Ethiopian PRSP
" Process Before Strategy: Planning a PRSP for Cambodia
" How is the Next Generation to Live? The Enhanced HIPC II and a Strategy to Reduce Poverty in Bolivia, Honduras and Nicaragua
" Conclusion: Beyond Jubilee Towards Justice

vii, 137 p.
World Vision
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