Methods for community participation: a complete guide for practitioners

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While there is general acceptance about the need for peopleÆs participation in development, there is a wide spectrum of views on the concept of participation and the ways of achieving it. This book is primarily focused on the question of how to achieve participation. It does this by providing examples from experience, material for use, and the space for innovations. The book is divided into five chapters. The first deals with the concept of participation and explores its multiple dimensions. It also considers the concept of PRA and its origin, principles, and applications. Chapters 2, 3 and 4 deal with methods of PRA that are related to space, time, and relationship respectively. The methods which are presented in each chapter are illustrated by a number of examples and straightforward steps. Each method is explained with an introduction, suggestions for application, examples, an overview of the process outlining the steps, the time and material required, its advantages and limitations. The final chapter provides a summary of PRA and recaps on ground the book has covered.

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