From MPA [Methodology for Participatory Assessment] to NPA [Nepal Water for Health Participatory Assessment]: participatory assessment of water and sanitation projects in rural Nepal

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As part of the special 50th edition of PLA notes, this article looks at the evolution of a particular methodology for the participatory assessment of water and sanitation projects in rural Nepal. The methodology - NPA (Nepal Water for Health Participatory Assessment) - evolved because the staff implementing the methodology for participatory assessment found that the process was long, costly, relied on strong facilitation and created high expectations. The authors then go on to describe the evolution of the NPA in response to these criticisms, and describe the challenges as well as potentials of using the NPA approach. In conclusion, the article comments that the evolution of NPA is an example of how with hard word and dedication, the group were able to take a useful methodology and improve it to make it more suitable for their own purposes and context.

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Participatory learning and action
No. 50
IIED, 3 Endsleigh Street, London WC1H ODD, UK
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International Institute for Environment and Development

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