Municipalities and community participation: a sourcebook for capacity building

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Increasingly, governments and donors are advocating the participation of poor communities in the delivery of urban services and infrastructure. Yet local authorities responsible for implementing participatory policies often do not have the skills, organisations or resources needed, or an adequate idea of the capacity required. This sourcebook provides invaluable practical guidance for municipal officials, and others working in urban development and poverty reduction, on the range of issues to be addressed in planning and managing cities with community participation. It explains the key elements of participation, identifies common constraints and opportunities, describes the vehicles for moving participation forward and outlines the capacity building needed for a municipality to achieve participatory goals. Jannelle Plummer is an Urban Poverty Consultant based in South Africa and formerly a development officer with DFID. Contents: Introduction; A Strategic Framework for Municipal Capacity Building; The External Operating Context; The Elements of Participation; The Vehicles of Participation; Internal Capacity of the Municipality; Management Capacity of the Municipality; Framework for Action; Appendix and References

160 p.
Earthscan, London
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Earthscan Publications Ltd.

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