Participation, development, power and democracy: an introduction to basic civic concepts: Part 2. Development

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This document is the first part of a series of four parts. The objective of the series is to help readers understand the basic civic concepts around which society is organised. It and forms part pf the wider process of civic education organised by the church/NGO civic education network, the Community Publishing Process (CPP), which is an innovative democratic process involving thousands of Zimbabwe citizens. Through the process, the learners develop their confidence, creativity and skills by participating in the design of their own learning materials. The series is written in an easily accessible language using pictures and illustrations to explain concepts, and providing exercises and questions for discussion. It is based on participatory, problem-posing methods where readers are encouraged to analyse problems and search for their own solutions. This part of the series focuses on development. After a brief introduction looking at development in the life of a citizen, the book goes on to examine the concept of development based on ideas from CPP participants, and African history and from international experiences. This is followed by an exercise on publicising the meaning of development. Achievements and common problems in relation to development, and strategies for strengthening development are also discussed. The book also contains supplements with a village civic drama and trainerÆs guide for a civic workshop on development

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The second of 4 parts
ii, 104 p.
Church/NGO Civic Education Network
Church/NGO Civic Education Network, PO Box CY284, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe
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Church/NGO Civic Education Network

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