Participatory development of a irrigation scheme: The Nyandusi Women Horticultural Scheme, Nyanza Province, Kenya

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This paper presents an analysis of the Nyandusi horticultural scheme in Nyanza Province, Kenya. The focus is on how the women members, landowners and agency staff participated at crucial stages of the scheme's design and implementation. Key issues discussed: Lessons for future farmer participation in design and implementation of schemes by themselves; effect of farmer participation had on the final outcome of the scheme; the complexity of the the factors involved in such design.

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Design for sustainable farmer-managed irrigation schemes in Sub Saharan Africa: introduction and contributions to the International Workshop, Wageningen, February 5-8 1990: Volume 2
Agricultural University Wageningen
Wageningen Agricultural University, Hollandsweg 1, 6706 KN Wageningen, The Netherlands.
J. Ubels
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Agricultural University Wageningen