Participatory Evaluation Process Guide-lines

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Participatory Evaluation Process [PEP] is an "approach to development" which has been employed in some World Vision [WV] international offices during much of the 1980s. In this paper the main objectives of PEP are summarised. These are; 1. To involve beneficiaries in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluating programmes 2. To empower communities 3. to promote an environment of mutual trust and respect among community members. The remainder of the paper is devoted to a stage by stage description of the PEP process. These include; Community description, Information gathering - or "problem focus", Problem analysis, and decision making. This is a slightly outdated paper which makes a few of the 'classic errors' - for example, in terms of who actually analyses, lists and represents the data - but is included here, as another common example of a PE approach.

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These guidelines are designed specifically for NGO fieldworkers working at the community or village level
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World Vision International
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World Vision International