Participatory Evaluation, Tools for Managing Change in Water and Sanitation

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This volume aims to explore the role of participatory eveluation, with a focus on water and sanitation programmes. It draws on 15 years of experience in participatory development and tries to move beyond participatory planning to participatory monitoring and evaluation. Saustainability is discussed, in terms of equipment, human resources and institutional capacity. The concept of participatory evaluation is considered, and the potential for the use of participatory methods outlined, along with its characteristics, strenghts and pitfalls. Indicators, methods of monitoring and replicability should be considered for each project, including the 'what' exactly should be measured, and by 'whom'. Detailed examples in the water and sanitation context are given. It is important to be able to assess change over time, and participatory methods offer a way forward.

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PRA users and those at all levels concerned with PM&E, both government and NGOs.
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PROWWESS series on water supply and sanitation projects / World Bank technical paper no. 207
122 p.
World Bank
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Washington, DC
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World Bank

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