Participatory Inquiry for Sustainable Agriculture

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A new paradigm for sustainable agriculture has emerged with the realisation of the limitations of the dominant scientific method and an increase in interest in the participation of and collaboration with the public in agriculture. This book argues that of the many forms of participation there are some that threaten rather than support sustainable agriculture. It puts forward participatory inquiry; a structured methodology used to bring about changes in problem situations that people see as improvements, portrayed as a constructive and efficient form of participation. Participatory inquiry emphasises multiple perspectives and group inquiry as opposed to simple formal questionaires as a means to participation. It also attempts to draw up a criteria for trustworthiness of collected data. The book finally argues that participatory inquiry should not be just a tool used by planners but the basis of a new professionalism in agricultural development.

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This book may be of interest to national government policy makers and planners in the South, NGO rural fieldworkers, agriculturalists and economists.
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International Institute for Environment and Development

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