Participatory methodologies in Africa

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This report and bibliography is intended to provide ACORD programmes with information on the literature concerning participatory development methodologies in Africa. The report provides an overview of the literature and identifies key documents and methods, as well as outlining ACORD's experience in four countries. The bibliography includes ACORD reports relating to participatory techniques, and annotations of easily available selected materials which would be of most interest to ACORD programmes. A list of institutes and organisations that specialise in the development of participatory techniques is also provided.

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Although intended primarily for ACORD programme staff, this report and bibliography will be a useful resource other NGO and other field project staff using participatory approaches.
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Published April 1991 in 2 vols entitled : ACORD's experience with participatory techniques and Annotated bibliography. London : ACORD
52 p.
ACORD, Francis House, Francis Street, London, SW1P 1DQ, UK.

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