Participatory rapid assessment of local health traditions

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In a great majority of the rural communities in India, illness is treated with home remedies and specialised folk healers. The Foundation for the Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT) has initiated a project to document and assess these health practices in four states in Southern India using participatory assessments. The selected practices are promoted to improve primary health care. Presently, the FRLHT-Compas programme is preparing an action plan to promote selected medicinal plants in one million kitchen home gardens. This document details the project: the documentation process and the use of Rapid Assessment, and goes on to identify learning points and the way forward.

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Compass magazine for endogenous development
No. 4, March 2001
Foundation for the Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions, 50, MSH Layout, 2nd Stage, 3rd main Anandanagar, Bangalore 560 024, India

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