Participatory research with older people: a sourcebook

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The importance of older peopleÆs direct involvement in conducting their own analysis and using their knowledge in advocacy and decision-making is increasingly recognised. Participatory research methods developed, adapted and recorded by practitioners and researchers all over the world are increasingly used with and by older people in poor communities. This sourcebook takes as its starting point the belief that participatory research with older people should form a key element of: local and national government policy making in areas such as health, employment and social welfare; programme planning by international aid agencies, in both development and emergency contexts; and advocacy for and by older people. Contents cover: comprehensive guidelines for planning, carrying out and disseminating the findings of participatory research with older people, with checklists and practical tips; case studies drawn from the experience of HelpAge InternationalÆs partners and the older people working with them, which illustrate the application of processes described in the text; a selection of participatory exercises and tools developed by HelpAge International and practitioners around the world, for copying; practical examples of materials developed and field-tested by HelpAge International, for copying or adapting; a glossary of key terms commonly used in participatory research; and sources of useful information and contacts.

86 p.
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