Participatory Research for Rural Development in Zimbabwe: A Report of a Training Workshop for ENDA-Zimbabwe Trees Project

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This training workshop in Zimbabwe was attended by staff of a community management of woodland project. These included village based researchers (VBRs) and community workers (CWs), who it was intended would gain experience of participatory research techniques for use in community planning and project evaluation by communities involved. The report outlines the woodland project, the roles of (VBRs) and (CWs) in decision making about tree resource management, and discusses issues of community acceptance of local research, and information biases in previous research activities. The remainder of the report discusses activities to equip CWs and VBRs with methods that allow rapid assessment and analysis and to strengthen community feedback. These activities included discussion of aerial photographs, transects, seasonal analysis, marketing analysis, preference ranking, and methods for stimulating discussion in group meetings for community feedback, including stories, drama, pictures, songs, dances etc.

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