Participatory Rural Appraisal Workshop, University of Guelph, Report

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This report discusses the administration of a student-initiated PRA workshop in the North. The workshop combined theoretical discussions with practical community placements. The report does not deal specifically with PRA methods or their use but lists some initiatives which grew out of the workshop. These are: establishing a network of people interested in PRA methodologies and their diffusion; training members of the "Green Plan Project" to use PRA techniques; starting a "PRA Notes Canada"; integrating PRA techniques into a specified Guelph community project; introducing PRA methodologies to London-based medical students; creating a strategy for developing trainers; and, creating a strategy for supporting trainees.

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This report may be of interest to donor agencies, trainers of trainers, trainers, teachers, and researchers in the North.
University of Guelph
University School of Rural Planning and Development, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario N16 2W1, Canada
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University of Guelph