Pelesarian Badak Jawa (Rhinoceros Sondaicus) Melalui Pendekatan Masyarakat [Conservation of the Javanese Rhinoceros Through Community Approaches]

These documents consist of two books about a programme managed by LATIN, an Indonesian NGO, aimed at the conservation of the Javanese Rhinoceros through community approaches. This programme is in the early stages of developing an integrated conservation and community development programme. Book I describes the programme and the communities around the Ujung Kolon National Park and the problems they face. Book II reports on the community action plan developed in one village using PRA methods. These documents are in Bahasa Indonesia.

Lembaga Alam Tropika Indonesia (LATIN)
Lembaga Alam Tropika Indonesia (LATIN), J1, Baranangsiang III B/16, Bogor 16144, Indonesia
Bogor, Indonesia
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Lembaga Alam Tropika Indonesia (LATIN)