The power in our hands : neighbourhood based - world shaking

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Drawing on his first-hand experience working alongside East Enders in the blitz, with Sicilian refugees, with both sides in the Chinese civil war, and with groups taking shape in different parts of Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, Gibson tells a story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This book is about people and power, providing invaluable information about how the grassroots can effect real change. Containing many small sections, the book is designed to be read in spare moments. Tony Gibson has initiated a number of award-winning community self-help schemes in the UK and set up the Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation, as well as writing and producing for the BBC and writing numerous books. The Power in Our Hands will be enjoyed by anyone wishing to initiate a community enterprise, as well as by government officials.

Jon Carpenter Publishing
Charlbury, UK
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Jon Carpenter Publishing