Prajateerpu: a citizens' jury / scenario workshop on food and farming futures for Andhra Pradesh, India

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This book is concerned with a participatory process related to the Vision 2020 programme in Andhra Pradesh (AP) in India. Prajateerpu - the citizens jury on food and farming futures in AP - was a six-day exercise in deliberative democracy involving marginal livelihood citizens from all three regions of the state. It took place at the Government of India's Farmer Liaison Centre in the summer of 2001. This report describes briefly the salient features of the deliberative and inclusive processes and presents:  The methodologies used to facilitate the process of inclusive participation and deliberation on food and farming futures in AP; The jury's verdict and vision of the future; An evaluation of some of the strengths and weaknesses of Prajateepu; Some critical reflections on the significance of Prajateepu for democratic governance and policy futures of food systems, livelihoods and the environment.

80 p.
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