Proceedings of the First World Congress on Action Research and Process Management. Vol. 2: Case studies and experiences

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Volume 2 of the proceedings from the 1990 First World Congress on Action Research and Process Management includes papers that describe case studies and experiences of the application of Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management. Volume 1 covers workshops and papers related to Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management Theory and Praxis Frameworks. Many of the case studies and experiences in this volume (2) are concerned with collaboration and group processes. In particular, they are about peopleÆs experiences of working together to create a new order in our society. Two of the papers deal with Information Technology (IT) which the editor thinks will have the most significant influencing factor in the creation of a new order. One of the papers gives a glimpse of what is to come when IT is harnessed for social change paper, through a case study on the use of computers in interactive environmental monitoring projects for secondary schools. The other paper describes an action-based approach to address IT education. The other papers cover a variety of aspects of the application of action learning and research, or process management to areas such as higher education, self-directed learning, crisis communication, organisational change, the writing process, religious beliefs, agricultural development, leadership, reflective learning and secondary school teaching. The case studies are taken from, India, Hong Kong, UK, New Zeeland, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and USA.

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