Process Notes on the Training of Trainers and the National PRA Workshop of the Self-Help Support Programme of Interco-operation, Sri Lanka

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This comprehensive report, written in narrative style, describes the process of organising a full-scale national workshop on PRA in Sri Lanka. The workshop also provided the opportunity to train four trainers of trainers. In preparation, the trainee facilitators explored two approaches to PRA training (methods vs. attitudes), and selected key themes for the programme. The activities of both the planning stage, the actual workshop and the review are explained in detail (eg games, buzz sessions, role play, frameworks for planning and evaluation, materials /background articles used). The field work was carried out in two villages in Tangalle District with the idea of developing a strategy for SSP to follow up. Organisational aspects of the field work are covered, but not findings nor descriptions of the actual activities

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The detailed descriptions of planning, running and evaluating the theoretical sessions make this invaluable to trainers of trainers and trainers.
58 p.
Sri Lanka
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